One of the biggest projects at Saint Paul’s has been the addition of a handicapped-accessible lavatory. The construction has required so much, in terms of human effort and use of funds, that within the Diocese, we are perhaps best known as “that church with the lavatory.”  But the lavatory speaks to what we believe at Saint Paul’s, because it’s part of our mission to welcome all those who pass through our doors. (In Biblical terms, “to care for orphans and widows in their distress” [James 1:27].)

In the past handicapped persons and parents with small children were not fully welcome at St. Paul’s, because of the obstacles they faced (steep stairs or inclement weather) in reaching the parish hall bathroom. The efforts of so many parishioners at St. Paul’s have resulted in a place of worship where everyone, regardless of age or handicap, is welcomed.

Entrance to the lavatory

Diaper-changing table

Inside view

View of the nave from the altar, with the newly built lavatory (to the left) and pastoral care room (to the right)