St. Paul's Stewardship

 Dear Friends of Saint Paul's,

Over the past six weeks, Saint Paul's followed a program designed by The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) called "Walking the Way". The stewardship committee would like your feedback. The hyperlink below will take you to a short 10-question survey that we hope you will consider completing. If you would prefer a paper version of the survey, copies will be available in the Narthex of the church. The survey is anonymous, unless you  choose to provide your name.  We hope that you will be forthright and honest.

"Feedback is a Gift."

If you are aware of other members of the Saint Paul's community who may not have received this email, but would like to participate, please forward this email link to them.

Thank you for participating in the survey, and most importantly in the community of Saint Paul's,

Survey Hyperlink:  (Click on it!)

 Sarah Cowan on behalf of the Stewardship Committee of Saint Paul's


The Stewardship Committee

  Bob Laidman, Bo Price , Chris Hale, Madelaine Calise, Sarah Cowan, Rev. Alan Kittelson


Stewardship Campaign 2014:

Walking the Way---How is this different than past years?

Here are a few of the main differences:


  • Focus: This series has more of an internal focus vs. an external focus.
    For the past couple of years, the Vestry has developed goals for our church in which we ask for your support. The goals in recent years have been to support our important ministries such as outreach, education, and worship, as well as for our own financial care. And our congregation has been very generous in offering their support in these areas.

    The Walking the Way series, on the other hand, has more of an internal focus. It asks us to look inward and to reflect on giving in the context of our faith. What does it mean to be a steward? What is the relationship we have with God and the act of giving? What does it mean to give intentionally? You will hear the phrase  “intentional practice of giving” as another word for “pledge.” Not that we can abandon the word pledge entirely, but the intentional practice of giving describes something that goes beyond just a pledge card. And this campaign gives us an opportunity to examine giving in this context, as a spiritual practice.
  • Communal experience: This Stewardship campaign is really a communal experience. In the past, members of the Stewardship Committee and Vestry have met with individuals and families, separately, with our brochure and pledge packet in hand; asking for their support and their feedback regarding life at St. Paul’s. This time around, we will be meeting during the church service and meeting as a group, listening to individuals from the congregation read reflections about the Gospel readings as well as their responses to posed questions, which we all have the opportunity to respond to as well. These reflections will take place in lieu of a traditional sermon. So, for six Sundays, we will all have an opportunity to share and participate and examine, both individually, and as a group. This is where our Stewardship message is really taking place. So please come!



Statistics related to previous years is presented in some graphs on the St. Pauls Statistics page.